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4 Steps To Getting A Bartending Job In Calgary


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Our main goal at Metropolitan is for our grads to get hired.

Anytime an employer contacts Metropolitan looking for a bartender, we post this opportunity in the Job Center below. Occasionally we will post opportunities from major job sites. And we also search private industry job sites and job boards the public does not have access to. And we post them all exclusively for Metropolitan graduates.

Job Assistance:

During your bartending course, we devote a section of our program to walking you through how to put together a hospitality-specific resume, that stands out form the crowd.

The other topic we spend a section of time on is job hunting techniques. Going to the right places, that will hire less experienced bartenders, going at the right time of day, wearing the right clothing, that matches that establishment’s expectations. Going in with the right resume, asking for the manager by name that can actually make the decision to hire you. Then in the interview, saying all the right things, asking the right questions. These skills don’t just come naturally. We will walk you through these techniques, and save you a ton of time getting that first bartending job.

After you graduate the Bartending Certification course, you will have the option to meet with an instructor one on one for a personal resume coaching session. Bring in your resume, we can help you edit, create a custom plan for your bartending job search, and walk you through some interview techniques 1 on 1.

Below are the 4 most recent listings. After registering for our program, you will receive a password to access this free private resource.

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