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Success Stories

Success Stories

Kyle McCafray  

Breaking into the service industry with Metropolitan Bartending School was a very eye opening and exciting experience. Being shown the ropes at the school quickly went from unfamiliar territory, to very rewarding huge achievement.

When I started my first bartending job, of course it was new, but I didn’t feel like a total rookie. The training I received gave me confidence, I felt like I had the equivalent skills of someone that had been on the job for about 6 months. I felt very prepared, but I had put a lot into the course, showed up each day with lots of questions etc..

There were two main things that helped me when I started my bartending job. First, the basic recipes I had committed to memory gave me a strong base. Customers order a many different cocktails from me on a weekend night, and they are just there, in my mind, lots of confidence, no hesitation. We certainly don’t have time to look up recipes we don’t know where I work.
Second, the speed and efficiency techniques. Being drilled on speed techniques, and the instructor pushing efficiency all the time really paid off when I had a large line up of people wanting drinks fast, and the managers still expect accuracy.

The new job is great, still learning of course. Latin nights at work are such a good time.

I would personally recommend Metropolitan, especially Ian. He is a very thorough instructor, and a great resource of endless knowledge!

Emily Tse 

My experience at Metropolitan was great, I went in to the course not knowing a thing about bartending, but when I finished the course I knew techniques I never knew existed or didn’t understand. I memorized a ton of drink recipes, gained a good knowledge of spirits and actually felt ready to get out there for work.

I enjoyed every day of it! The things I learned at the school that helped most at my new job, it was knowing a lot of drink recipes at the top of my head but, also knowing how to properly pour alcohol and how to use a cocktail shaker, just simple tricks and techniques I didn’t know.

I am now currently working at an upscale restaurant, I definitely don’t think I would have lasted a day without this knowledge. I now see how important having a basic understanding of the POS system and cash systems are in everyday hospitality work.The new job is going great, I am enjoying it a lot I still can’t believe I am a bartender.

I definitely recommend this school to any of my friends who are looking to try something new.


Jen Boyd 

I wanted to get a job in bartending because I need a job with flexible hours that can sustain me financially while I try my hand at getting into acting. Before Metropolitan, I was an international student at UBC. And after going to Metropolitan, I learned that bartending is not as easy as it looks. Having the ability to make a drink is not enough, but it has to be accompanied with customer service, efficiency, organization and a bunch of other nuances.

My experience at Metropolitan was amazing both times!! The first time I went, i was still in university. The second time was right after I graduated, as a (free) “refresher” course. I got to meet people from all walks of life and found common ground with them. Even though the material was similar both times, the experiences I had were completely different and great both times.  Apart from the practical experience of making drinks, gaining confidence in talking to prospective employers was really helpful. Also, the one on one sessions for resume writing and interview tips were extremely helpful!

Because I went to metropolitan, I felt less of a newbie in the hospitality industry, which employers seem to value. I also felt that I was considered for a position more seriously because I had this experience on my resume. It seemed to be the perfect combination of “experience” and “flexibility” to learn.  I thought that the experience of learning in a classroom setting versus a work environment would be completely different. But, it felt very familiar and natural to be “on the job” because of the experience of learning behind a bar.  Efficiency, customer service, and learning the POS system benefited me the most out of bartending school. Behind a real bar, service happens a lot more naturally and faster than I realized than in the classroom setting. The speed exercises that we did in class are extremely valuable!  My new job at rogers arena is quite exciting because they really value customer service. Going above and beyond friendly service is an expectation and its really nice to be part of such a friendly and positive work environment.  I would recommend the metropolitan! Even if someone isnt planning to be a bartender, he or she should just go for it! The experiences you have and skills that you learn while at Metropolitan are quite unique and worthwhile!


Diego Bandera  

I was working in a department store, but looking for something that I would love to do. Bar-tending School was my best choice.. I thought that I wouldn’t need a course to tend a bar, however, after several attempts to break into the business, I felt like being trained would be my best chance.

My experience at the Metropotiltan bartending course was amazing. I had such a great time over there.. I learned how to tend a bar in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.  I learned pretty much everything you need to know in the daily life as a bartender.. It helped me a lot due the fact that I could show off all my knowledge and techniques in a Job Interview and describe it all over my resume.  It was easier going into interviews knowing that you are prepared. Knowing the techniques and the knowledge of spirits and its brands  I found out that anything can happen behind a real bar.  My new job is pretty good I have so much fun working there I am excited with range of possibilities that I have being a bartender. Next year I will be travelling and branding in the countries I am visiting. I would absolutely recommend the school. You make friends, learn how to tend a bar  and have fun doing what you like the most.





The most important aspect of Metropolitan Bartending school that played role in the quick adaptation in my new role as a bartender/server was knowing the basics: organization and confidence. Organization of my attitude before I reach the workplace, organization of my bar, organization when considering drink tastes and ‘bases’ along with confidence in my knowledge and technique have all helped me to adjust in the new workplace. Many things of bartending course had to be learned on the spot. In fact, I am still in the process of learning and going to continue to do so, because I believe it is both the charm and intent of this craft when one wants to succeed as an effective and outstanding bartender, server and mixologist. Thank you Metropolitan for letting me rapidly learn the basics of bartending techniques, organization and confidence
Guerman Rolzing
I loved it! So much fun – even on top of doing full time school, I managed to be capable of taking in a lot of information because it was such a great change and fun experience. The fellow classmates and especially Luch made the learning environment so relaxed and chill. He included acting and real life experiences which made it an overall amazing time and I’ll be telling everyone who I haven’t already to come and have as good of time as I did! Cheers!
Wendy Y.