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4 Steps To Getting A Bartending Job In Calgary


OUR Team

At Metropolitan Bartending School, you learn with the best bartenders in Calgary:

Ryan Boyd:

Ryan began his bartending career after graduation from a local Bartending School in 1995. His first bartending job was a basic one at a golf course, then he moved up a small step to a touristy revolving restaurant.
During these early years, Ryan developed an interest in Flair Bartending. After much practice, he began entering local flair bartending competitions. After progressing as a flair bartender, and starting to win local competitions, the network of friends he was developing through bartending competitions allowed him to make a pretty big jump to the hottest nightclub in town.

Now making a name for himself as a solid local nightclub bartender, Ryan began teaching flair bartending with a local company, which eventually grew to a nationwide, and then international flair bartender training company. Ryan has travelled to dozens of provinces & countries doing seminars, and has taught thousands of people the art of working flair bartending

After turning 30, tired of travelling doing seminars during the week and bartending at nightclubs on the weekend, Ryan transitioned into the entirely different world of fine dining and craft cocktail bartending. High-end fine dining was a steep learning curve. Much training was required to manage a gigantic award winning wine list. The exciting trend of making high quality cocktails using fresh ingredients was just emerging, and continues to be an interest that is explored in our 1 day Bar Chef Seminar

After 19 years behind the bar, and training thousands of bartenders worldwide in basic bartending, flair, and advanced customer service, we are proud to have Ryan managing Metropolitan Bartending School’s Calgary location.

All courses taught at Metropolitan Bartending School are supervised, and regularly updated by Ryan

Ian Arcega:

With 14 years experience bartending across Calgary and Vancouver, few know as much about Western Canada’s bar scene as Ian.

After working his way up from busser to bartender in his hometown, Washington D.C., Ian moved to Calgary and began a professional pub-crawl across the city. Starting at The Seanachie, Ian went on to pour pints at The Ship and Anchor, Eddie Bo Deans, The Drum and Monkey, and The Bear and Kilt. And then in the years leading up to, and surrounding, the 2010 Olympics, Ian headed out west to mix drinks behind some of the busiest bars in Vancouver.

During his travels, Ian has designed cocktail menus, crafted beer lists, won cocktail competitions, and even served as Regional Staff Trainer for the Earls restaurant chain. Combine all that with his years of teaching at Metro, and Ian has the perfect skill set to prepare you for a diverse career behind the bar.

Ian McCallum:

Ian is well-versed in the local bar scene, having spent the last 8 years heading bar teams all over the city.

Initially taking the long way round, Ian started his career as a busser, and then worked his way up through every single front of house position, before finally getting behind the bar. But since then, he’s gone on to repeatedly earn Head Bartending positions, enjoying leadership stints at Brewster’s Brew Pub, The Keg, and State and Main’s downtown location.

In his eight year’s of drinks mixing, Ian has never missed a Stampede – and with his proven his ability to handle the busiest, most lucrative bar gig in Canada, he recently earned the role of Head Bartender for the official Calgary Stampede Company.

Now, Ian uses his local success to help our students survive and thrive behind the busiest bars in Calgary. To take advantage of Ian’s know-how and get your career started asap, sign up for his Bartender Certification Course today.

Wine Instructor – Kasia Gorski:

Kasia is an Event Management expert and local bartender with 15 years experience selling wine.

Starting as a server in 2001, Kasia worked her way up to bartending, and since then has gone on to work with extensive wine menus at some of Calgary’s most famous landmarks — including the bar atop the Calgary Tower, and the Grandstand restaurant at the Stampede.

In 2009, Kasia earned her Event Management Certification, and now splits her time between the marketing, logistics, and menu-creation side of events; along with serving wine at the events themselves.

The decade and a half Kasia has been recommending wines has given her an encyclopedic knowledge of the beverage, and a tact for explaining it to beginners. Enjoy a friendly lesson and drink with Kasia by signing up for our Wine Tasting Certificate Class today.

Instructor Feedback – Calgary:

Great overall experience, I had a fun time and learned lots. Ian was a very good instructor, it was very obvious how experienced he is. I would definitely recommend this course to someone who wants to get into bartending. I feel that I’m ready to make drinks confidently.
Marcus S.
Awesome course, really glad I took it. Teachers are awesome people and I’m glad to have met them all. Money well spent. Thank you Metropolitan and Ian!
Adam V.
The course was awesome. Instructor is very knowledgeable, well-rounded with lots of experience and funny! Facility is great, love the bar setting. Nothing bad to say. Thanks!
Zaffrin S.