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4 Steps To Getting A Bartending Job In Calgary



Why Is Metropolitan the best bartending school in Calgary?

There are like, a hundred reasons! In fact, we wrote a whole page of reasons here.

How old do I have to be to attend your school?

You must be at least 18 to attend our program.

What are the pre-requisites, or requirements I need to have to attend your school, such as a high school diploma?

There are no pre-requisites, or requirements to attend our classes.

How much does your course cost?

Our 20 hour Certified Bartender course cost $347. Our 1 day seminars, (Wine Tasting, Bar Chef cost $125 each if booked on their own, or $75 each if you book them in addition to our Certified Bartender course.

Are there any additional charges for books, materials, exams, taxes etc?

No. All training materials, books, exams, exam re-takes, certificates, are included in your tuition. There is no tax on tuition.

How much money do bartenders make?

How much you will make a a bartender can really vary a lot between different establishments. At a slower bar or restaurant, or very average catering gig, you could expect to make minimum wage, plus $75-$125 per night in tips. At a busier place, you could average between $150-$500 a night in tips. It really depends where you work, how busy it is, what the clientele is like, the average cost of the cocktails at the establishment, what night of the week it is etc.. etc..

How good a bartender will I be after 20 hours of class time with your school?

We guarantee you will be a very good bartender when you leave our course. If for any reason you want to repeat some of the classes to increase your confidence, or repeat the entire course, you can do so anytime for free, for life.

Where can I work after I complete this course?

You would be totally qualified to go and work as a bartender at ninety percent of the bars & restaurants in Calgary. The top ten percent of establishments (for example: the top 10 restaurants, or the top 5 nightclubs, or the top 5 cocktail lounges) in Calgary will probably be looking for training plus some experience.

How easy or hard will it be to find a job?

Bartending jobs usually don’t just fall into your lap, you will probably have to get a hospitality focused resume together, and go apply at 5-10 places. We find the students who follow through and do this have an extremely high success rate of finding work. We almost never hear from frustrated former students that cant find work. The hospitality industry has a very high turnover rate, and there are always positions opening up. Once you enroll you will be given access to our Live Job Center, which we update about 3 times a week with the latest jobs we hear about. During your bartending course we will devote 45 minutes to building your resume with a focus on the hospitality industry (employers are used to seeing a much different style of resume than you might put together for an office job). We also devote 45 minutes to finding work in the industry, which can be quite a different process than other jobs. And finally, we also offer you the option to come back and meet with your instructor 1 on 1, and go over your resume and how your job search is going. Our goal is to help you find work after our program is complete, and with our Live Job Center, Our 90 minutes of resume & job search instruction, and our 1 on 1 coaching after your course, your chances of finding work are pretty great!

What if I don’t want to work as a bartender, can I take the class just for fun?

Absolutely. Most of our students intend on working in the hospitality industry. But we do have a smaller percentage of students that just want to take the class for fun. Many of these students just always wanted to try bartending, or want to make fantastic cocktails at home.

Do I have to register online?

Yes, all of our students register for classes online.

Do I need to pay anything in advance to reserve my space in the class?

Yes, you are required to pay for the class in advance to reserve your space, or you can put down a $75 deposit to hold your space in an upcoming class. If you put down a $75 deposit, the balance of the tuition will be due on the first day of class.

What is the “Proserve Certification”?

Proserve is an Alberta Government program designed to inform you of all your legal responsibilities when serving alcohol. Anyone that serves alcohol in the province of Alberta must have Proserve. Proserve is included in our Masters Package. Or can be added on to our Bartending Certification Course for $30 at the school.