About Us

ABOUT Metropolitan Calgary

At Metropolitan, our main focus is to get you behind our bar, get you pouring drinks, and working through real bar scenarios. We have to do a bit of theory along the way, and our media heavy, (slideshows & short videos) make the short theory sections entertaining and informative. But our main goal is to get you pouring drinks behind our bar, and dealing with customers. By the ends of your class, you will have worked through dozens of scenarios taking orders from customers, and made hundreds of drinks behind our bar.

On the first day of class, we start from the beginning, introduce you to all the basic equipment, and get you making 1 drink at a time. By the last day of class, you will be interacting with the customer, taking a 5 drink order, upselling to premium brands, making the order super quick & efficiently, running the order through the computer system, printing a bill, taking cash, giving change in the correct way to maximize tipping, settling the order in the computer, all in about 3 minutes. From zero to hero in 24 hours of class time. Its the most fun, interactive, hands-on course you will ever take.

A few other things to keep in mind when looking at Bartending school:

  • We offer more training time than any other school in Calgary. Our course is not “condensed” or “accelerated”, learning to bartend is like learning a sport, you need time to master the skills required.
  • We have the absolute best facility in town, our POS computer systems, modern bars, flatscreens, and up to date product selection are unmatched in Calgary.
  • We have a fantastic central location – 1 block from the 8th street West LRT Station, and lots of parking options around the school.
  • We limit enrolment so we always have small classes & lots of individual attention from our instructor’s
  • We are the only school that will continue to be a resource for finding work after you graduate, with support in your job search(job board, 1 on 1 meetings with your instructors for coaching & resume help).
  • Our Guarantee. Once you start our Bar Certified course, you can come back anytime for free, for life. If things get busy, and you don’t complete the course, you are welcome to come back anytime, and pick up where you left off, or start over, anytime, no charge. You are also welcome to come back anytime and refresh. Could be 5 years from now, you can re-take the Bar Certified class anytime, no charge.

After your bartending course, you can choose which topics/seminars you might want to pursue & skills you want to add. No other school offers such specialized training in the different areas of bartending. We offer 1 day seminars in flair bartendingWine tastingadvanced cocktail creation (bar chef)

Metropolitan Bartending School Background

Metropolitan was created in 1995, when a local restaurant owner, Matt Thompson, noticed the lack of well trained bartenders available to hire at his restaurants. Matt felt the bartending schools that were around at the time were not adapting to the quickly changing hospitality industry. Other bartending schools were too focused on memorization of out-dated cocktail recipies, and were not putting students through real world scenarios (such as order taking, using computer order systems, handling cash, dealing with problem customers, upselling etc..), and properly preparing them to be successful the first time they stepped behind the bar. Matt opened Metropolitan Bartending school to address the lack of skill’s in the industry, and improve the level of service bartenders deliver overall. In the past 19 years Metropolitan has opened schools in Vancouver and Calgary and trained over 10 000 students. Our graduates have gone on to raise the quality of service in the industry across the province. Metropolitan now sets the standard in bartender training in Calgary, Vancouver, and across Canada.