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Bar Chef

Bar Chef Seminar $125

($75 when packaged with our
20 hour Bartender Certification Course)

Program Description:

Creating exciting new cocktails with fresh ingredients & high end mixology techniques is becoming more common, and in-demand at today’s bars & restaurants.


Monday Evening, 7pm – 10pm

Ever been to bar where the bartender is squishing fresh ingredients like limes, cucumber, or fresh cherries? You might also see that bartender muddling herb’s like mint or basil, using vodka or other spirits from a big container on the back shelf they have infused with elderberries, earl grey tea, or some other fresh ingredient. Carbonating juice based cocktails so they fizz, or shaking in egg white to put a nice foam on top of your cocktail. Rimming your glass with fresh cracked salt mixed with exotic spices, or even crushed up candy canes. Then its all topped off with an amazing garnish you never thought to put on the rim of a glass. We call that bartender a Bar Chef.

Come build up your skill set, increase your knowledge base of advanced bartending techniques, expand your level of creativity, at our 3 hour Bar Chef Seminar.

We guarantee you will leave able to make cocktails that will blow your guests minds & keep them coming back for more.

January 20, 2020

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February 24, 2020

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Bartending Success Story:

Hands down the best class I have ever taken! Taught me to think outside the box. I learned a lot while having a lot of fun. Love experimenting! My instructor was great, and fun to work with. I would tell anyone about this seminar, and I know they would enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks a bunch
Kallie W.
I really learned a lot in the seminar. It gave good insight on how to bring out the flavours, or tone down certain flavours in a drink. We got a hands on approach, which I really appreciated. We got to experiment with our own creativeness, and got to see what worked & what didn’t. Also got to try new ingredients I never would have thought to try out. The textbook is very helpful also, I’m sure I will be looking at it in the future for inspiration
Chad P.